A Trip to Tanzania at International Hour



Did you know that Tanzania was actually two separate states called Tanganyika and the islands of Zanzibar, but combined in 1964 to become “Tanzania” ?

To be honest, I had forgotten that and learned it again yesterday.  Yesterday “International Hour” was held for our Senior 1 girls.  We had guests from Tanzania, Myanmar, Spain and Lithuania!!  Our guest speakers taught us some phrases in their native languages, and the girls enjoyed trying to introduce themselves to their friends and the guest in that language!  “Hola! Me llamo Teresa. Mucho gusto!”  It was much easier trying to introduce myself in Spanish than in Swahili!

The girls learned many new things from the guests about their country and culture and will share it with other students who learned about a different country in a group discussion class next week. I’m sure it was a unique experience for all of the students.  Which country will they learn about next?!