Back from their summer homestays

Welcome back from summer vacation everyone! One week back and classes have begun here at Tokiwa!! Preparations are continuing for Tokiwa’s school festival that will be held Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th.  One can find research projects and posters in progress throughout the school just waiting to be displayed!!


   This summer we had 3 girls who participated in the Washington D.C., International Relations Study Abroad Program and 25 girls who went to the UK on our home stay program! Last Saturday, September 7th, the girls put on presentations for their parents and teachers to show their efforts of their English studies there. They also told of their exciting experiences and what impressed them the most while in the UK.  Whether it was their travels in London, Oxford or Bath, studying with students from around the world or one of their many first experiences in a whole new environment for them, I’m sure that they had many invaluable experiences there.  I hope this will encourage them to keep using English every day.   Here are some pictures of the girls giving speeches!