India, Thai & Malaysia-Truly Asia!


Namaste..(Hindi)…Sawasdee ka! (Thai)…Apa khabar wanita! (Malay)

All of these phrases are “Hello!” At our International Exchange Club we recently had guests from India and these past fewweeks we had university students from Thailand and Malaysia come and talk to our girls! It was almost like we got to take a trip around Asia!!

We explored the cultures, heard of some famous sites to visit, saw some beautiful traditional dress of those countries and were introduced to some popular, delicious foods to try some day! The girls learned how to write their names in Hindi, Thai and the Malay languages! It made me appreciate how easy writing the English alphabet is!! At the end of the sessions, we were all left hungry!! I even tried to go home and cook some Thaicurry-later only to find out “Wow! Is it spicy?!”

Learning about such interesting diverse cultures was really another wonderful experience for the girls. After exams, we will have students who are studying at a nearby Japanese language school visit and our students will help those students practice their Japanese while talking about their countries and introducing Japan, too!