Getting ready for exams and summer programs!

Hello everyone! We are three months into the new school year and students have settled in their new classes and have made new friends!  The recent humidity reminds me that summer is upon us! I am envious of the girls who are enjoying the beautiful indoor pool we have here at Tokiwa. I am wondering if I can get in, too!?
Students are busy studying with final exams coming up in just one week! Teachers, like me, are busy making the final exams and preparing for the many special classes and events happening this summer at Tokiwa.Some of the 7th grade students will be learning drama in English. 9th grade students will be taking a trip to Kyoto and Shiga prefecture. 25 girls will be headed for the UK and another 3 girls will join in our International Relations study abroad program in Washington D.C this summer. We have club camps as well as study camps, all grades will have intensive study sessions and the 12th grade girls have special lessons to study for university entrance exams.
We have many open campuses planned throughout the year! We will also be holding an English trial class for elementary school girls on August 25th. I hope many girls will stop by for some fun in English! I look forward to meeting a lot of new people this year!! Please feel free to stop by and see our school anytime!!  (Call for more information!)

Have a nice day!  My best regards, Teresa

Last year’s MLS program