Holiday Greetings from all of us!

Hello from all of us at Tokiwamatsu! It’s my pleasure to introduce a new addition to our TokiLog. My name is Teresa, and I am the full-time Native English teacher here at Tokiwamatsu. We thought it would be interesting if I occasionally introduced some of the special English activities we have going on here and other things that we are doing in our classes in ENGLISH!

This is my first message! Last month we had our International Hour for Senior 1 students. We enjoyed watching presentations by guests from India, Thailand and Denmark. In our International Exchange Club(国際交流部), we had speakers from India, and Vietnam last month, we made Caramel Apple cupcakes for Halloween, and we will be visiting the Russian Embassy school again this week to spend more time with the students there!

Well until next time, I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season!!!

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